New wxTrac moderation system
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Vadim Zeitlin
2014-10-07 13:06:07 UTC

We hope we have finally solved the problem of spam on our Trac: now all
first time submissions will be held in a moderation queue until they are
explicitly approved, which will allow us to never let spam appear neither
on the web site (from which it had to be manually removed before), nor in
the email archives (from which it couldn't be simply removed at all).

This is the good part. But another consequence of this is that your next
ticket submission will be delayed for moderation, as everything is "first
time" currently (only the members of "developers" Trac group are
explicitly white listed). Please don't be worried by this, your submission
will be accepted and hopefully it won't take long and there won't be any
delay for the next one.

Please let us know if things don't work as described or you have any other

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