wxPerl Installation Script for Ubuntu 14.04LTS 64bit
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Steve Cookson
2014-10-06 19:22:39 UTC
Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback on the X error.
You're welcome.
Did you see anything of concern in the wxPerl-Installer.screen file I
Not really. There are an ever increasing number of errors like this:

warning: ‘virtual void wxWindowBase::MakeModal(bool)’ is deprecated
(declared at

I did post some time ago on the wxWidgets site and Vadim said that as
classes were maintained, things would clear up, but that really it
needed a concerted effort. At least for the time being there are no

We see the same thing in cpan installs.
I'll look at adding your additional clean-up code to the script. Can
you post the "final" version to the Wiki?
I'd be happy to, but you can too. You've tidied it up beautifully and
tested it. I would say you deserve at least as much credit.
I'm planning on zapping my laptop and installing everything from
scratch after I finish documenting everything I had to do to get stuff
to install on 64bits. Gotta verify I didn't miss anything in my notes.
I also set up MPIDE(Arduino), Fritzing, and Eagle. They all needed
additional libraries to be loaded and desktop files to be created.
There are no five minute jobs!
Nice that you've got an Arduino. I was thinking of getting one for my
sons when they are a bit older, to encourage an interest in Robotics.
How do you find it?
Is there a 3.0 version of the documentation available on the wxWidgets
site? Probably 5000 pages now! Seems to be a lot of new features to
play with in the Demo.
I haven't looked, I use the online one.


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